No questions?

My amusement for the weekend:

I was working an event for the part time job… at an event for the department that isn’t one of my normal 3, and basically just borrows us for special events when they need a few extra hands that are authorized for sales stuff.

So the last time I’ve spent much time with either of these two coworkers was back in may or so. Neither one knew that I wasn’t in school for this year, let alone that I’m working a new job.

And early in the morning, in walks two of the staff from job 2, visiting staff who are just here for the month.

A few hours later, they come back through and are buying some gift shop stuff, which has to be ran through one particular register that was being run by a coworker for the day… so while they are waiting, we are chatting.

The canadian drops an “eh”, then jokes about it being the fourth time she’d used it today…. the texan jokes about having brought this hot and dry weather with her from austin and how we can thank her… and they make comments about the post cards they are buying to send back home.

They head out… telling me they will see me monday, oops, tuesday.

And neither of my coworkers ask a single question about the randomness of a clearly visiting canadian and texan traveling together, how i know them, or what in the world I am doing with them on tuesday. Nothing said at all.

Not more than half an hour passes, and another couple come back through that know me. These are people that live in town, and that one of the coworkers knows by sight are regular visitors. As they leave, one tells me they will see me tomorrow.

One coworker asks how I know them, right as the other asks what I’m doing the next day.

Really????? You ask me about the local people, and completely ignore the really weird situation??? LOL


I was driving down the major highway through town the other morning on the way to work from physical therapy, and the electronic billboard for notifications said “Speed enforcement zone ahead. Move over for police.”

Seems like a nice speed trap warning. Which makes little sense…. why in the world would they warn people that there is going to be a speed trap ahead?

Because they want them to notice the signs.

The signs are usually boring, and are easy to ignore. Random seat belt warnings, or smog levels, or accidents.

But they need people to actually read them in case there were to be an actual emergency, otherwise they are pretty useless.

If they put actual useful things in there, people will actually read them.

I think the book of proverbs makes a bit more sense to me now.

Garden of death

The garden has died.

The bugs started attacking again. And I knew from last year I would have a major battle on my hands to recover. Time consuming and expensive.

And really, I just don’t have the energy or time to do much more than water right now. And the zucchini were about the only things actually getting eaten in a reasonable time frame, due to the same lack of time and energy when it comes to cooking right now.

So it was a logical decision. And it was a decision not to fight the battle rather than a loss of the battle. It was on my terms, not by my losing in spite of my best efforts.

But still sad.

Games and goals

So I fell victim to a few rounds of games while waiting for the
comforters to wash.

About two rounds each of a tetris knockoff and the bubble shooter with
the cute little guy loading bubbles.

My dollar quickly reminded me how different games used to be, back
when someone had a financial incentive to have you lose around level 3
or so.

I’m usually fairly decent at both games, but I was quickly killed off…
all four rounds took about 10 minutes.

Games just aren’t like that anymore.

But then, they don’t have a reason to be.

When you’ve bought the game already, they already have all of your
quarters upfront, so it’s not about keeping you losing, it’s about
making you feel like you got your money’s worth so that you’ll buy the
next one they put out. They want you winning, but feeling like you’ve
earned the win.

When you are playing the game for free online, it’s all about keeping
you playing to keep you seeing the ads paying for it. They want you
winning a bit, then losing a bit, but just barely… enough to keep you
trying again and again.

And so the games may have the exact same elements… and still be
completely different experiences based on the goal of the developer.

Which makes me think… about the goal of my developer.

And be very glad that it isn’t for me to pay as much as possible for my experiences.

Nor is it to give me unearned and meaningless victories.

Skill learning may not be the most fun all of the time… but I have to
remember that it does make me the best “player”.

Even when it feels like that stupid wall keeps pressing my bubbles at
me way too fast… the developer is still programming with my best
interests as the goal.

Pinball washing

I went to wash some large blankets at the laundromat, and walked in to
discover that they’d made some changes since the last time I’d been

At the end of each of the rows of washers, and here and there
throughout the building, they had added video games. About 7 different
classic pinball machines, 3 different versions of Ms Pacman, Pole
Position, and about 5 other random game machines… some of which had up
to 4 different games on them.

This seemed like an act of total genius!

You have a bunch of bored people… sitting around waiting for about an
hour or so with nothing to do but watch the tv or play on phones
unless they brought a book… many of which have kids along..

And all of which already have quarters on hand. Many of whom used the
change machine for a 5 or a 10, and probably have several dollars
worth of extra quarters in their pockets.

Bored people with quarters? Give them some video games that take quarters!

They’ve got to be making a killing on the profits.


I’ve been seriously tired lately. My body is still in the process of getting adjusted to my schedule.

I usually take my bath at night before bed, and for the past week or
so, every time I’ve grabbed for hair conditioner, I’ve ended up
accidentally grabbing the shampoo again, having to rinse out a second
round, and then grab the other bottle.

I’m not used to the bottles, as I’d been out, and grabbed a different
type because it was sold at the grocery store and I didn’t want to
drive anywhere else to get the usual kind.

The two bottles were similar in color, about 2 shades off, with one
being more opaque. This one seemed like it would be the conditioner…
but every single time… I missed it.

Like I said, I’ve been tired. lol

It took over a full week before I took a morning shower…. And I did it
in the morning too.

Only then did I stop and look at the bottles closely.

They were both shampoo… just different versions of the same shampoo brand.

Very very tired. LOL

And it says something about the insane humidity around here that my
hair has been so crazy that I didn’t notice much of a difference!


I am tired.

That’s about all I can really say at this point.

It’s friday. And I am so so glad.

I thought that I was starting to get used to the change back over to second shift, while still working some morning hours.

But that was before I was spending the entire evening hours doing something that’s not particularly hard, but that’s seriously draining.

I’m not thinking that this is going to work well as a long term situation… and it’s going to be a tough ride to make it to January when I can shift bid to try and get on days.

If I survive.