First call

Today was a very very odd day.

It was the ribbon cutting for the new call center where I work, and our first day on the phones.

I wasn’t all that nervous as the morning started.

But the more and more the ceremonial stuff and speeches and all went on, the more nervous I got.

And so they got us all set up on the phones… and we started waiting… and all of the sudden, with no real warning, the first call came into the center.

On my phone.

And where people had just been milling around… all of the sudden, I had a huge cluster of people right behind me.

As in the director of the center. And the trainers and training director. And the new supervisors. And a bunch of other random head honchos I have no idea who they were.

All watching my first call on the job.

Oh yeah… and a professional photographer! As I’d sat at the very end of a row, knowing that tends to be the quietest place for background noise…. they moved beside my desk and at times were standing right by my computer monitor with a camera pointed at me.

Can we say pressure?

How in the world that situation did not end in an anxiety attack and my running out of the room, I have no idea.

For that matter, I have no idea how I even got through the call.

But somehow I did… to be promptly pulled back off the phone for a bunch of handshaking and such.

And to be given a random giftcard in congratulations.

Which actually came to be an interesting thing later.

Because, it had my name written on it, followed by “first call”. Ok, nothing too odd at first.

Until much later in the day… during lunch… when replaying events, I remembered that the center director had pulled it out of a folder.

He hadn’t had it in his hand.

And he hadn’t written my name after it had been pulled out.

So my name had already been on it in the folder.

I later confronted one of the trainers…. the one who I interviewed with originally actually… and that I knew tends to be really open with us, and he “unofficially’ admitted to me that it had been rigged. They have control of the call flow. I’d gotten the first call because I’d been the valedictorian of the night class… and the one for the day class apparently had a bit lower scores and got second call.

So they knew that I was getting the first call… and didn’t warn me.

I’m going back and forth between being very grateful, and being very annoyed.


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