I’ve been seriously tired lately. My body is still in the process of getting adjusted to my schedule.

I usually take my bath at night before bed, and for the past week or
so, every time I’ve grabbed for hair conditioner, I’ve ended up
accidentally grabbing the shampoo again, having to rinse out a second
round, and then grab the other bottle.

I’m not used to the bottles, as I’d been out, and grabbed a different
type because it was sold at the grocery store and I didn’t want to
drive anywhere else to get the usual kind.

The two bottles were similar in color, about 2 shades off, with one
being more opaque. This one seemed like it would be the conditioner…
but every single time… I missed it.

Like I said, I’ve been tired. lol

It took over a full week before I took a morning shower…. And I did it
in the morning too.

Only then did I stop and look at the bottles closely.

They were both shampoo… just different versions of the same shampoo brand.

Very very tired. LOL

And it says something about the insane humidity around here that my
hair has been so crazy that I didn’t notice much of a difference!


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