Pinball washing

I went to wash some large blankets at the laundromat, and walked in to
discover that they’d made some changes since the last time I’d been

At the end of each of the rows of washers, and here and there
throughout the building, they had added video games. About 7 different
classic pinball machines, 3 different versions of Ms Pacman, Pole
Position, and about 5 other random game machines… some of which had up
to 4 different games on them.

This seemed like an act of total genius!

You have a bunch of bored people… sitting around waiting for about an
hour or so with nothing to do but watch the tv or play on phones
unless they brought a book… many of which have kids along..

And all of which already have quarters on hand. Many of whom used the
change machine for a 5 or a 10, and probably have several dollars
worth of extra quarters in their pockets.

Bored people with quarters? Give them some video games that take quarters!

They’ve got to be making a killing on the profits.


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