No questions?

My amusement for the weekend:

I was working an event for the part time job… at an event for the department that isn’t one of my normal 3, and basically just borrows us for special events when they need a few extra hands that are authorized for sales stuff.

So the last time I’ve spent much time with either of these two coworkers was back in may or so. Neither one knew that I wasn’t in school for this year, let alone that I’m working a new job.

And early in the morning, in walks two of the staff from job 2, visiting staff who are just here for the month.

A few hours later, they come back through and are buying some gift shop stuff, which has to be ran through one particular register that was being run by a coworker for the day… so while they are waiting, we are chatting.

The canadian drops an “eh”, then jokes about it being the fourth time she’d used it today…. the texan jokes about having brought this hot and dry weather with her from austin and how we can thank her… and they make comments about the post cards they are buying to send back home.

They head out… telling me they will see me monday, oops, tuesday.

And neither of my coworkers ask a single question about the randomness of a clearly visiting canadian and texan traveling together, how i know them, or what in the world I am doing with them on tuesday. Nothing said at all.

Not more than half an hour passes, and another couple come back through that know me. These are people that live in town, and that one of the coworkers knows by sight are regular visitors. As they leave, one tells me they will see me tomorrow.

One coworker asks how I know them, right as the other asks what I’m doing the next day.

Really????? You ask me about the local people, and completely ignore the really weird situation??? LOL


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