But if you did know?

One of the odd things that has been on my mind lately is infertility in the bible.

It’s a big part of a ton of the stories… and usually some of the ones with the most tragic sorrow while in progress, even if most of them do result in an eventual child.

But what brings it to mind isn’t so much the bible, as another website that I read occasionally related to hormonal imbalances… which ends up having a lot of infertility info as well just because the two are often related.

And I saw a statistic… just a random stat… that 1/4 of women ovulate so much earlier in their cycle that sperm arriving on the traditionally assumed day of ovulation would be too late to have any chance of creating a baby.

Which comes into play with another bit of bible trivia… that purity rituals generally coincided with creating the best chances of making a baby.

There was no physical contact between men and women when women were bleeding… assuming similiar to now roughly 5-7 days for an average… and until they completed a cleaning ritual a week later.

Which meant that the guy who hadn’t had sex as an option in nearly 2 weeks was first able to do anything about it right at the time that it was most likely to produce offspring.

God is smart.

But, when you mix the two together…

You get up to 1/4 of women who would not be having children if they were following the proper rules.

Not because of anything per se wrong with them, but just because their cycles naturally ran early.

It seems sort of harsh to realize that these women who in that time period would have probably given anything for a child… might actually have had their desires fulfilled if they were not obedient… but might have lived with so much sorrow because they were.

Which is really incredibly sad when you think about it.

But I find myself wondering… how the bible might have been changed if they knew.

Would they still have trusted and pleaded their case? Or would they have turned from obedience to fulfilling their own hopes?

How much different would stories be without the passion that comes from a long withheld desire having been fulfilled?

How much worse might the temptation towards bitterness over being barren have been?

It’s an interesting situation to consider.

The giant caterpillar

We pulled up into my mom’s driveway to unload groceries for her house, and I stepped out of the car to notice the largest caterpillar that I have ever seen!

This thing is bigger than my pinky! He’s so big that you can clearly see his mouth and facial features.

Bright green with yellow and red markings on his side, and he is moving fast.


I tell my daughter to come look at him, more out of reflex than really thinking about it… and in the next 10 seconds she has started to stake claim on her next pet.

He’s very clearly headed towards my mom’s really large plant on the front porch. Mom comes out of the house at the commotion, and thinking that he’s going to kill the plant by eating it with how large he is, she moves the plant to the bench… giving him a leaf to eat.

He crawls over the leaf, and changes directions… heads directly to the bench, and starts climbing the leg…. Heading straight towards the plant’s new location.

She moves the plant again, and he makes a u-turn.

Boo by now has obtained a plastic cup, and uses it to carry him to the back yard, where she builds a habitat for him in a vase she borrowed from mom’s kitchen.

She is told that he isn’t staying.. that she needs to let him back outside where he has much more space so he doesn’t die.

Mom eventually allows him in the house, on the condition that he is only staying for one night, and is being turned loose in the morning.

About an hour later, Boo comes into the kitchen, looks into his home, and announces “He’s spinning silk!”


And he was. Apparently he decided that he’s staying a bit longer. By morning he had a full cocoon.


He’ll either be hatching in 2 ½ weeks, or where it’s fall, he may be
staying until spring. Guess we will see which.

Bathroom refuge

Bathrooms are sometimes nice places to hide.

I discoved that back when I was fighting issues with anxiety attacks.

If you run out the door suddenly, people ask questions.

If you rapidly head towards the bathroom abruptly and are gone for a bit, no questions are asked. It’s just assumed that whatever you ate didn’t agree with your system.

But this also makes it a good place for tears.

I’ve made two different tear runs at the new job… mostly out of pure frustration.

But with one, someone sitting near me decided to follow me…. and hung around outside of the stalls for about 5 minutes. She then waited till I got back to my desk.

I know she meant well… she’s one of those people who tries to be everyone’s mother whether they want one or not.

But it seems like bathroom ought to be an obvious clue that I’d rather have some private time to myself for the moment. Not everyone wants to talk. Sometimes, they just want a private place to let the tears fall for a bit.


About 3 years back, I fell in love with a type of yarn.

It’s thick, chunky, and so very soft.

I bought one thing of it, and crocheted a small doll blanket with the whole thing in less than two hours…. and promptly had it swiped by my kiddo for one of her dolls or animals.

I’ve tried to make blankets a couple times before this… but it goes so slow.. and is so bulky to work with.. and it just gets abandoned. But, I knew that this is the yarn I someday wanted to use for my blanket.

Some months later, they came out with a new line of colors… either that, or the stores here just started carrying them.

And I fell in love with one color…. it’s a pretty purple that has threads of a sort of magentaish-pink running through it… and found the other three that I wanted to use.

But, yarn is crazy expensive when you look at the cost of a whole blanket. As in it would probably be a $100 blanket easy. And so it has never been even close to happening.

About a year back, I figured out the pattern that I want to use. It’s actually very very simple… it’s a basic granny square, that only uses two different simple stitches but instead of changing colors with each loop of the square, you just do the whole square in the same color, so it makes a color block effect.

This solves the bulky, because the squares are all done on their own, and then just connected. This also makes it easy to set aside.

But it’s still been way out of the budget, and way out of my time schedule.

But recently… when I was in that section of the store for something else… I found a horrifying sight. The yarn color I fell in love with was on closeout… no longer to be stocked. A quick scan of the shelf found that one of my other colors was no longer present.

And so, I bought the 4 remaining skeins, and in a panic went on the store’s website to check inventory of the other stores in the area.

As it turned out, both colors are still carried online, and not only that, they are sold in a 4 pack that is actually cheaper to have shipped to the store than it would be to buy 3 in the store. So it would save a lot to do it that way anyway… even though it would only let me order 4 at a time.

Which makes for an order than runs less than $8.

And, right now, calls at work slow down in the evenings enough that I have a bit of time I can use to do whatever. We can’t have any electronics on the floor, and it’s way too many distractions and interruptions for me to be able to read well as I’ve been trying to do.

But it’s perfect for making a granny square.


And so, it’s time.

The long awaited blanket shall be made…. one loop at a time, one order of yarn at a time. I can squeeze the work in between calls, and I can squeeze the expense out by orders.

And eventually… it’ll get there.

When it rains…

I have reached the point where it feels like because I’m so busy, things are getting dropped. I’ve seriously reached the point of scheduling showers.

And so of course, this seems to be the time when everything decides to crumble.

For example, the hot water heater is having major issues and needs replaced.

Right now, I have a grand total of one morning a week that I can have someone come out and look at it. Every other morning, afternoon, or evening only has breaks of less than 2 hours.

Fortunately my mom lives nearby, so using her shower is no big deal. But when I’m already running from here to there to there… and already at the point where I have to schedule them to make them happen without something else becoming more important and taking priority… this is really about the last thing that I need to juggle.

And so, this is when everything goes nuts…. like that point with the plate spinners when there’s about 8 about to fall and you have to just decide which ones are going to have to just drop and get over it.

Watch your feet around here. lol