When it rains…

I have reached the point where it feels like because I’m so busy, things are getting dropped. I’ve seriously reached the point of scheduling showers.

And so of course, this seems to be the time when everything decides to crumble.

For example, the hot water heater is having major issues and needs replaced.

Right now, I have a grand total of one morning a week that I can have someone come out and look at it. Every other morning, afternoon, or evening only has breaks of less than 2 hours.

Fortunately my mom lives nearby, so using her shower is no big deal. But when I’m already running from here to there to there… and already at the point where I have to schedule them to make them happen without something else becoming more important and taking priority… this is really about the last thing that I need to juggle.

And so, this is when everything goes nuts…. like that point with the plate spinners when there’s about 8 about to fall and you have to just decide which ones are going to have to just drop and get over it.

Watch your feet around here. lol


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