About 3 years back, I fell in love with a type of yarn.

It’s thick, chunky, and so very soft.

I bought one thing of it, and crocheted a small doll blanket with the whole thing in less than two hours…. and promptly had it swiped by my kiddo for one of her dolls or animals.

I’ve tried to make blankets a couple times before this… but it goes so slow.. and is so bulky to work with.. and it just gets abandoned. But, I knew that this is the yarn I someday wanted to use for my blanket.

Some months later, they came out with a new line of colors… either that, or the stores here just started carrying them.

And I fell in love with one color…. it’s a pretty purple that has threads of a sort of magentaish-pink running through it… and found the other three that I wanted to use.

But, yarn is crazy expensive when you look at the cost of a whole blanket. As in it would probably be a $100 blanket easy. And so it has never been even close to happening.

About a year back, I figured out the pattern that I want to use. It’s actually very very simple… it’s a basic granny square, that only uses two different simple stitches but instead of changing colors with each loop of the square, you just do the whole square in the same color, so it makes a color block effect.

This solves the bulky, because the squares are all done on their own, and then just connected. This also makes it easy to set aside.

But it’s still been way out of the budget, and way out of my time schedule.

But recently… when I was in that section of the store for something else… I found a horrifying sight. The yarn color I fell in love with was on closeout… no longer to be stocked. A quick scan of the shelf found that one of my other colors was no longer present.

And so, I bought the 4 remaining skeins, and in a panic went on the store’s website to check inventory of the other stores in the area.

As it turned out, both colors are still carried online, and not only that, they are sold in a 4 pack that is actually cheaper to have shipped to the store than it would be to buy 3 in the store. So it would save a lot to do it that way anyway… even though it would only let me order 4 at a time.

Which makes for an order than runs less than $8.

And, right now, calls at work slow down in the evenings enough that I have a bit of time I can use to do whatever. We can’t have any electronics on the floor, and it’s way too many distractions and interruptions for me to be able to read well as I’ve been trying to do.

But it’s perfect for making a granny square.


And so, it’s time.

The long awaited blanket shall be made…. one loop at a time, one order of yarn at a time. I can squeeze the work in between calls, and I can squeeze the expense out by orders.

And eventually… it’ll get there.


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