Bathroom refuge

Bathrooms are sometimes nice places to hide.

I discoved that back when I was fighting issues with anxiety attacks.

If you run out the door suddenly, people ask questions.

If you rapidly head towards the bathroom abruptly and are gone for a bit, no questions are asked. It’s just assumed that whatever you ate didn’t agree with your system.

But this also makes it a good place for tears.

I’ve made two different tear runs at the new job… mostly out of pure frustration.

But with one, someone sitting near me decided to follow me…. and hung around outside of the stalls for about 5 minutes. She then waited till I got back to my desk.

I know she meant well… she’s one of those people who tries to be everyone’s mother whether they want one or not.

But it seems like bathroom ought to be an obvious clue that I’d rather have some private time to myself for the moment. Not everyone wants to talk. Sometimes, they just want a private place to let the tears fall for a bit.


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