The giant caterpillar

We pulled up into my mom’s driveway to unload groceries for her house, and I stepped out of the car to notice the largest caterpillar that I have ever seen!

This thing is bigger than my pinky! He’s so big that you can clearly see his mouth and facial features.

Bright green with yellow and red markings on his side, and he is moving fast.


I tell my daughter to come look at him, more out of reflex than really thinking about it… and in the next 10 seconds she has started to stake claim on her next pet.

He’s very clearly headed towards my mom’s really large plant on the front porch. Mom comes out of the house at the commotion, and thinking that he’s going to kill the plant by eating it with how large he is, she moves the plant to the bench… giving him a leaf to eat.

He crawls over the leaf, and changes directions… heads directly to the bench, and starts climbing the leg…. Heading straight towards the plant’s new location.

She moves the plant again, and he makes a u-turn.

Boo by now has obtained a plastic cup, and uses it to carry him to the back yard, where she builds a habitat for him in a vase she borrowed from mom’s kitchen.

She is told that he isn’t staying.. that she needs to let him back outside where he has much more space so he doesn’t die.

Mom eventually allows him in the house, on the condition that he is only staying for one night, and is being turned loose in the morning.

About an hour later, Boo comes into the kitchen, looks into his home, and announces “He’s spinning silk!”


And he was. Apparently he decided that he’s staying a bit longer. By morning he had a full cocoon.


He’ll either be hatching in 2 ½ weeks, or where it’s fall, he may be
staying until spring. Guess we will see which.


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