But if you did know?

One of the odd things that has been on my mind lately is infertility in the bible.

It’s a big part of a ton of the stories… and usually some of the ones with the most tragic sorrow while in progress, even if most of them do result in an eventual child.

But what brings it to mind isn’t so much the bible, as another website that I read occasionally related to hormonal imbalances… which ends up having a lot of infertility info as well just because the two are often related.

And I saw a statistic… just a random stat… that 1/4 of women ovulate so much earlier in their cycle that sperm arriving on the traditionally assumed day of ovulation would be too late to have any chance of creating a baby.

Which comes into play with another bit of bible trivia… that purity rituals generally coincided with creating the best chances of making a baby.

There was no physical contact between men and women when women were bleeding… assuming similiar to now roughly 5-7 days for an average… and until they completed a cleaning ritual a week later.

Which meant that the guy who hadn’t had sex as an option in nearly 2 weeks was first able to do anything about it right at the time that it was most likely to produce offspring.

God is smart.

But, when you mix the two together…

You get up to 1/4 of women who would not be having children if they were following the proper rules.

Not because of anything per se wrong with them, but just because their cycles naturally ran early.

It seems sort of harsh to realize that these women who in that time period would have probably given anything for a child… might actually have had their desires fulfilled if they were not obedient… but might have lived with so much sorrow because they were.

Which is really incredibly sad when you think about it.

But I find myself wondering… how the bible might have been changed if they knew.

Would they still have trusted and pleaded their case? Or would they have turned from obedience to fulfilling their own hopes?

How much different would stories be without the passion that comes from a long withheld desire having been fulfilled?

How much worse might the temptation towards bitterness over being barren have been?

It’s an interesting situation to consider.


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