the doll

I was walking in the grocery store a couple of days ago, and cut through the Christmas row.

I happened to glance over, and saw a small plastic doll set…. not anything I’d normally have any reason to notice. My kiddo outgrew dolls like these years and years ago.

But a nudge hit.

And suddenly I got the feeling that I should get the dolls, and that one doll in particular should be something physical to be able to hold when praying over someone in particular that’s been on the list a lot lately.

It sounds very weird… but it just seemed the thing to do.

And somehow, it does seem like it helps.

This person isn’t someone that I’m able to really get a chance to pray over in person, but somehow, having something tangible makes it different.

Sort of an odd new development for me.

But working.

Though I wasn’t quite sure how to explain when kiddo asked why I had dolls in my room.


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