numbers vs feelings

The past couple of days at the new job have seemed like they have gone awful.

But when I come in and check the stats for the next day, they show that the day was pretty average.

Prior to the last few days, I would have said that things were going a lot better than the last time I was writing about it. But then, my stats actually show that things have gone downhill numbers-wise.

I was feeling better about it, even though I was doing worse.

The trend of the past couple of days has made me realize that the factor is actually a distraction… in the form of a particular coworker who is both someone that I can openly vent to about how awful the job is at times, and who is also a good source of humor.

Everyone else grumbles about the job privately but pretends things are going great on the surface. He’s one of the few who will actual admit his frustration, and somehow a discussion over the messenger system about how neither one of us is thrilled… knowing I’m not alone… does a million times more to cheer me up than the biggest cheerful hype.

I didn’t really interact with him much at all in training, but he sat near me not too long after the third bathroom incident… then the next days they changed the system and had us sitting on the other side, so I ended up near him again… and then there was just one pocket of computer that had a really big change to them that helped a lot, so we were both sitting in that area for a while until the rest got changed…

The bad news… is that he’s not someone that will be around for very long. He’s got extensive computer background, and is pretty much sure to get one of the open computer tech positions that are interviewing soon.

But I guess at least it shows me what direction I need to go for making survival easier. Fostering friendships seems to be the key.


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