special needs and perspective

Worked two events this weekend for a talent show for special needs kids.

It was amazing how completely different it was than every other dance/cheer/whatever event we get.

Not a single parent grumbled about paying admission for a show that their kid was in…. and out of two shows, I only had one single person get grumpy at me at all! Everyone else was totally nice and friendly.

And the audience was honestly cheering for each and every kid instead of just their own… and was actually into it instead of just sitting and waiting for their kid. And almost everyone came in at the start instead of being a distraction later, even the ones whose kids weren’t until the late songs.

And the kids were actually a lot better behaved and less crazy waiting to go backstage than the usual crowd tend to be.

Really pretty impressed… both with the kids and the families.

Amazing how having a bit more perspective makes a complete change in outlooks.


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