Ever since the first ortho doc visit, I’ve had a shoe insert on the foot with the injured ankle.

It’s less than 1/2 an inch deep… closer to 1/4… but it only fits into one set of my shoes.

And so, with the next doctor’s appointment on the horizon, and with having been out of physical therapy for more than a month, I’ve decided to start wearing other shoes again… without the insert.. and transitioning back to normal life.

It’s amazing how quickly you realize how big something that small really is.

I’ve grown used to walking with it, so that it now totally throws off my balance and my gait when I don’t… and makes both my knee and hip sore.

I didn’t notice the transition when I first started wearing it, because I was still heavily limping from the ankle injury anyway.

But I’m very much noticing it now.

And I’m just amazed at how much difference such a small thing makes… and how quickly it adapted to seem normal.

And sort of wondering at the symbolic… about how many tiny things in my life have thrown me off from “walking” normally and have just been accepted as normal now… when maybe I need to look at whether or not they are still needed, or if they ever were.

Even if it throws me off balance a bit as a result.


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