good or bad but not both

There are two acceptable ways to meet goals at the new job.

The one that is the one pushed in training is to meet a certain mix of being both high in reservations and short in call time. A certain balance that shows you’ve mastered sales in an efficient manner.

The other way is to be very good at sales, so that you are basically making sales on 7 or 8 out of every 10 calls you answer… at which point, they no longer care about how your time looks.

They claim that they want you to go for the former way…

But, the ones of us who are closest to reaching that point… are the ones that they come down the hardest on for not having the highest sales.

Meanwhile, the ones who are closer to reaching the latter method, get a free pass, even if they still aren’t meeting it.

Right now, I’m in this weird place… where I just got close enough to meeting on the former criteria that I was just the first one in our team to be promoted.

While still being lectured at and being treated like I’m in remedial training.

They have me sitting and learning from someone who is higher on sales… but almost 3 times the talk time.

At which point I came to the realization…. that I make more reservations per night for the company than she does.

Yes, she gets about 6 out of 10 calls…. but when she’s only getting 1/3 of the calls… my 4 out of 10 is actually making more sales per shift.

So, I’m either one of the worst of my team or the best of my team…. and somehow both at once.


Because what the company says matters to them, and what actually matters to the leads on a daily basis and what their bonuses are based on, are actually two different discussions entirely.

And it’s really starting to drive me nuts.

If you really want me to focus only on sales and not time, fine…. then tell me that, and reward that in the system.

If you really do want the balance that you reward with promotions, fine, but have your leadership back that up as well.

Stop telling me that I’m both good and bad at the same time though for doing the exact same thing.


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