hold on

In the middle of the craziness of working two departments at once, and dealing with the wonky phone system that makes everything work… I managed to completely mess up three different transfers by forgetting I was working on a headset for one department that wasn’t on the same station as the computer I was sitting at with the other department.

With the highlight of the day being the call that I tried to transfer to the voicemail of one of my supervisors while she was in a meeting, accidentally got her hold queue, recalled back to my phone and then sent it correctly to the voicemail. Or so I thought.

I have no idea what actually happened to the caller… but somehow I managed to successfully transfer my supervisor’s hold queue into her voicemail. Guess I divided by zero?
Which means it left a message.
As it happens, that department is the one that does an informational line using the same system, and so it is set to allow recordings up to 10 minutes.
Oh… and the same goofy system doesn’t let you delete a voicemail without listening to the entire thing.
Yes, all ten minutes of our lovely hold music while it told her every so often that (insert her name in obviously different voice than rest of the message) would be with her shortly.

That is how my day went. LOL


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