the bribe

My supervisor comes into the office, tells me she has something for me, and hands me a box of godiva chocolates.

She then explains that the day before (which was a show night), a lady had come in around 5 and had asked for me. My coworker told her I wasn’t there, and the lady told her that I’d said I would be around until 6, so I’d probably be back around soon, so to give it to me when I came by… and that she would come back after they went to dinner to pick up her tickets from will call.

Coworker thought it was odd that she wasn’t picking them up while she was there.. and knew I left at 3 and was not working that night… but figured it might be a friend of mine since my birthday was recently, and so took the box.

An hour or so later, the lady came back and got her tickets from will call… by which point the manager for the night was nearby. So after the coworker gave the lady her tickets, the manager commented about how nice the lady was, because that was the name of the person that I had warned her would probably be a fight that evening!

You see, the lady had called me while I was working box office earlier in the week, and had asked to have her seats moved because the people who have season tickets in front of her are “too tall for people to sit behind them”. But, I’d gone to the chart, checked the account of the seats in front of her, and figured out that those people had traded for another night for this show… and so I said no.

She didn’t seem to understand that the people she had a problem with were not going to be there, and so I wasn’t going to fix a problem that wasn’t going to exist. So eventually she’d just told me that she’d pick her tickets up at will call. I told her she should already have them, and she said she’d lost them, so she needed them reprinted and put in will call. She then asked how late the box office was open… and i usually tell people “we’ll be around the box office until 6, then at the event office after that”. Guess she assumed that meant that I personally would be there? Maybe she’d phrased it “how late will you be there” and I’d missed that she meant me, not just a collective “you”?

So I’d reprinted the tickets… and then promptly made several messages in her account to explain the situation to any coworkers who might have to deal with her, and then let the supervisor of that night know in advance in case she put up a battle with the event staff.

So instead she brings gifts, and then waits to pick up her tickets until an hour after the gift????

I think I just got my first bribe… and I wasn’t even there to be the one to accept it! LOL

Fortunately I documented the situation well, so supervisor and managers just think its funny and not that I’m up to anything. But something tells me by the level of teasing this week that I’m never going to hear the end of this one.


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