Today we carved a pumpkin in 30 minutes.

I’d cleaned it out beforehand, made a suggestion for a very basic design that she thankfully agreed to, and we were in out and done.. because I only had an hour between the time that kiddo got home from school and the time that I had to fly out to work.

But we got it done.

Life lately has become a lot of instances of figuring out exactly what the minimum is that can be survived.

My house is probably the messiest that it’s every been in my adult life.

My meals have consisted of more things from the freezer to the microwave than I ever imagined.

Everything is getting chopped as short as possible with as little effort as can be gotten away with.

And I’m both annoyed that I don’t have time to give things the attention that they are due… and amazed exactly how little the minimum can actually be.

Someday I’m going to have a ton of time to catch up with things like books and hobbies and brushing cats… oh and blogs. lol

But for right now… I’ve got an hour and three things to do. Let’s see what fits!


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