The email

Today I got an email that made me more mad than I think any email ever has before.

About 2 weeks ago, there was a situation with a coworker where he was placed into a situation where he was told that if he left to be with his child, who was in the hospital with suspected brain issues and who would be alone for several hours, that he would be terminated.

The thing is… given the extenuating circumstances… several of us team members had asked to be allowed to help him. Whether we be allowed to come in early to work hours to count for him, or take the day off unpaid on our accounts to work it anyway and cover him on hours, or to donate pto, or whatever other way they could come up with to allow us to help him. Our employer hypes team members as being part of the same whole… and our team really is more a group of friends than just workers. I’m actually sure that we could have come up with about triple the number of people had we actually been approved to help him. (The coworker was completely unaware that we had been trying to get involved on his behalf. Unless one of the others has told him, I believe he still doesn’t know.. it seemed like it would hurt more than help the situation to mention it afterwards.)

And instead he was told what he was told. And he still stood by the company and stayed.

So I was up until 4am that night, writing a 4 page long, single spaced email to the director of our center. A man who has claimed the company cares about us as individuals. A man who has said he is open to any suggestions, and considers our teams to be family.

I go no response, until today.

When I got an email saying “we always try to do what’s right by everyone”… and essentially saying that they did all that they could.

It explained the late response by saying it had been stuck in his spam filter… even though there were no links in it to trigger a sales response, and i’ve emailed him from that account before with him getting it.

About half an hour later, I find out that today was the day that the coworker had let them know that he was leaving.

Yeah… about that spam filter. And about that “right by everyone” somehow managing equalling telling him he would be fired if he stood by his child.

Oh, but it did tell me that he liked my team spirit.

The more and more I think about the response, the more mad I become.

I was already not happy with the company’s response, and wouldn’t have been even if this hadn’t been my teammate.
But then, to not only make it sound like they made the best call…. but then to feed me a story about my email bringing up major concerns about the treatment magically arriving just hours after the person involved was no longer an employee to make a case about it?

I’ve lost enormous amounts of respect for local staff members in the last couple of weeks.


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