Ups to downs

This weekend has been a weekend of accomplishments.

I successfully installed a new thermostat, figured out why my furnace wasn’t working, and programmed said thermostat to my crazy schedule.

It has also been a weekend of failures. Like figuring out that while a new programmable thermostat was eventually needed, it wasn’t the source of my problem and wasn’t critically needed at the moment. And that the source of the problem was actually a step that I’d forgotten when I relit the pilot light. And that my first programming attempt ended up with the wrong day of the week listed.

Somehow though… with all of the up swings and all of the down swings… the down swings always have so much more impact than the up.

Somehow the failures dwarf the accomplishments… even when the end result is positive.

It doesn’t seem fair. But then, I know that I’m the one who is placing the weight one way or the other, so it’s my fault it isn’t fair.

Easier observed than fixed.


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