medium to large hurts

There is a well known medium who did a show in town.

Tickets were really expensive… and at first I just rolled my eyes at the theatrics of it.

But with work, I heard more and more sad stories… of desperate people.

People who were on limited incomes, but were paying more than $100 a ticket to be as close as possible on the chance that the medium might walk by them, and be able to give them a message from someone they loved who has died.

Children… spouses… sisters..

People who were still hurting so much from their losses… so hurting as to sacrifice for just a scrap of hope.

It’s such a sad thing…

And the story was repeated, over and over… from so many different people.

You wanted to just give them a hug…. to refer them to a grief counselor or support group…

To give them something more helpful for healing their pain than just clinging to a shred of hope offered by someone making a huge profit from them and with more interest in entertainment than healing.

Night of the show… there is a christian group protesting.

They hand out flyers to anyone they can get to take one… full of condemnation towards psychics and threats of hell.

When the fields were so ripe for showing love and offering healing to people so hurting… they use not just vinegar, but rat poison…. when a little bit of compassion and care could have done so much good.

This was one of those nights where I felt like apologizing for Christians… and explaining to people that they don’t always represent Christ.


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