the blanket goal

The new job has gone back to feeling pretty crummy.

I’m frustrated… I’m dissappointed… I’m tired.

It’s kind of one of those spells when I’m forcing myself to go in each afternoon… against every desire not to.

It’s not horrible… or unreasonable… not anything awful enough to inspire quitting on the spot.

But it’s just crummy.

And so, I’ve decided on my new work goal… my target to aim at to inspire me to keep coming in and keep enduring.

My goal… is to finish my blanket.

The one that I’ve been working on to kill time between calls.

It’s a nice happy goal… that has nothing to do with my stats and my numbers, and isn’t based on the chance of what phone calls the system decides to route to me.

And right now… that’s more motivating to me than anything related to the work itself.


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