the new goal

When I first started the new job, I knew it was likely to cause problems with my wrists with tendonitis flare ups.

It hasn’t. At all.

Even though every other call center I’d worked for it had been an issue.

I’d completely forgotten about it really… and before training was even over had gone from assuming the wrists would require it to be a short term job into thinking that this really might work out.

Lately, I’ve been trying to just make it thorough the day at work, and focusing on working on crocheting squares for my blanket.

I’ve gone from getting about 3 a week done in the early days… to being distracted with people for a bit and getting about 1 done a week… to getting about 2 done a day now that it has become my goal.

And now?

My wrists are killing me.

They have never bothered me when crocheting before… and I’ve never done crocheting at any of the other call centers when the wrists have been bothering me.

Somehow I think I just got a “slap on the wrist” on not buckling down and giving it my best on the job.

Ok, ok, fine… lol


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