“Hey Jessica, where are you working now?”

My name is not Jessica… nor anything even close to Jessica.

But after a second, I realized that I did actually know the cashier who had been grumpy with the two people before me. Even if she did have my name wrong… and had totally skipped any pleasantries to jump straight to the point.

We were on the same project together back in the work program.. has it really been 3 summers ago???

She was one of the ones who always seemed to feel like they were better than the rest of us… like they thought they didn’t need the program, but were forced to be there… as they swore they would never work in retail.

But she was… at a store I knew pays minimum wage, and at least back then, was known for giving staff very few hours and hiring way too many people so that they always had people all but begging to work any hours they needed them.

I answered her that I work for the call center next door… and sort of skirted around a couple of questions while she rang up my jug of orange juice and the bag of misfit jelly beans added on impulse.

I found myself sort of wanting to tell her I was sorry that things hadn’t worked out as she’d hoped… but I figured it would probably not make her feel better.

But it was an interesting moment.

And as I walked back down the sidewalk… to my full time job that pays roughly 50% more per hour and offers benefits… soon to be the lower paying of my two current jobs running 65 hours per week combined… the job where I’ve actually turned down overtime twice in the last week because my schedule is already too crazy….

I couldn’t help but think about the fact that 3 years ago I would have happily jumped at that cashier job… or any job… when she would have completely thumbed her nose up at it as something she would never resort to doing.

Sometimes it’s interesting the way that life twists itself around.

And I’m reminded anew about how spoiled rotten I am right now.


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