harder close

I consider myself well experienced in long distance relationships… where there is little in person contact time.

I’ve done years of dating someone thousands of miles away, followed by years of being engaged to that someone thousands of miles away, and only seeing them on very rare occasions.

I’ve done extended months of dating someone 4 hours away and only seeing them a couple of times a month.

And for that matter, a good percentage of my closest friendships are long distance friendships right now… whether they’d originally started in person or whether they formed online.

But it drives me nuts being forced by schedules to only see someone on the weekends when they are living nearby.

I know that I’m basically spoiled at being able to be with them every weekend… and at having frequent contact through emails and texts and calls.

But still… it’s almost a tease at having them so close and yet…

And it’s even worse when I know it’s my schedule that forces the fact.

It’s driving me nuts.


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