life happens

Ok, so that was a bit of a cliff that writing went off for a while.

Some of it I will probably do some update posts in the next bit, but a lot of it can pretty much be summarized as trying to cram way too much into way too little time.

Looking over the massive pile of things that are in the “to be read over to make sure i want to post publicly” stack… it’s amazing how much different life feels now than it did back when some of these posts were made.

It’s the difference between someone completely weary and feeling like everything was collapsing… and one enjoying some stability and contentment.

And there’s still a lot of elements in my life that haven’t changed much and still need some work.

But it’s amazing how different things can feel so quickly and with just a bit of hope added.

Things are different. And that’s a good thing for a change!


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