fine, fine

Way back in late 2003, we misplaced a toddler’s library book. I had a toddler, things happen.

When I took it back in, 3 days over 2 weeks late, I was told that because it had been turned over to collections, I would still be charged for the book anyway.

How did it go to collections so fast? Because anything over $25 automatically got sent to collections, and after 2 weeks you were automatically charged for the book. Meaning that with fines, unless the book was under about $15 you were going straight to collections for a single book being 2 weeks late…. even though you’d only gotten a single late notice in that time.

I grumbled about it being unreasonable and unfair… never went back to that library system… and ignored it as being totally insane. They had their book back. It’s not like they were going to be having to use the money to replace it.

It’s now over a decade later… and I got a notice today that they have a hold on my state tax return for this library fine that is more than 10 years old.

My toddler is in middle school now.

Do library fines not have some sort of statue of limitations?!?

I feel like being totally childish… taking this letter… driving down to the library… and going “Here it says you’ve got your fine money… so I’ll be checking out about 20 books today.”

Instead I’m just shaking my head.


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