tossing dreams

We are preparing to move in the not too distant future… not far, but into a more stable housing situation.

So I’m doing a ton of sorting and packing.

And as I go through the garage…. the things that are hardest to pitch out even though I don’t use them, are dreams.

My tripod. I haven’t used it in probably close to a decade… my good camera would be more to fix than it was worth.

But once, I was really into photography… back in the end of high school and start of the first attempt at college.

I would like to be someday… but I wasn’t really all that good at it, and its an expensive hobby to do the right way… and most of the time, I never even change the auto-setting on my point and shoot anymore.

But getting rid of the tripod feels like getting rid of the hope, of the dream that maybe someday things will be different again.

Tripods aren’t even that expensive anymore. It’s not like it wouldn’t be easily replaced if things did change.

But still…


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