The farmer connections

Way back when… years ago… I played farmville.

Yeah yeah, I know.

At the time, few of my friends did. So I went to the website, found the forum section, and added a handful of people just for the purpose of having extra farmville neighbors.

One guy that I added also had his mom and his dad add me, as his mom played both of their accounts.

My mom was also into farmville, so I had her add all three of them.

One of my mom’s old high school friends was having trouble finding friends that played at one point, and so my mom suggested them to her as well.

Honestly, other than passing farm stuff back and forth, I never really spoke to any of them.

My mom spoke with the mom a bit.

Well, this year, the father has been battling cancer.

And now, it has been found out that my mom’s friend from high school is also starting a battle.

The mother of the family and the friend have now become close and supporting each other from several states away…. and the mother even made the friend a beautiful quilt to wrap around her to know that people care about her…. a quilt made while she was sitting in many waiting rooms and hospital rooms herself.

It’s interesting how some connections come together through the most unlikely of ways.


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