Garages and perspective

After a first round of cleaning and sorting in the garage, I was about halfway done.

After another round of two hours… I felt like I was a little under halfway done.

One of the two estimations was way off. Probably both of them.

But they both felt true at the time.

Feelings are tricky. They seem like reality… and yet.. sometimes have no real connection to it.

Hope seems especially fickle.

No hope does not have any relation to there being no chance.

With the last job, I’d literally told my mom I had no hope of getting it less than an hour before getting it.

Right now I’m kind of fighting a place where I know that reality is one thing… and that my feelings are in another place. It’s not the sort of nudge type of thing that I trust… it’s just basicaly fear and desire to not have drama.

But I know this battle needs to be fought… feelings or not.

But I don’t really want to.

I’m just hoping what looks to be huge, is actually a mistaken impression for something that wasn’t that bad after all.


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