Dorm season

A few years back, I remember being a bit sad at all the cool things at dorm season that I wished I could afford. My taste in colors tends towards the bright side, and the dorm/college aimed stuff was just calling to me.

In general… when I have the option to be… I tend to be someone who is willing to hold out longer or pay a bit more for something that I like that is moderately priced than just something cheap.

But the option wasn’t there… and the need wasn’t that great… and so I let it go.

This summer, we’re moving.

And by necessity, a lot of kitchen and household stuff is being replaced, because it’s reached the point of not being worth moving it…. if not entirely broken and never having been replaced. Right now, with not returning to school but having been hoping too, there’s enough financial leeway to justify it.

So the list has been getting made as I go through things. Threadbare Dora the Explorer and BooBah towels are going away… as are pans with the outside paint flaking off… as is the microwave that I’ve had since 1997 that is missing a leg and wobbles… as are the cookie sheets that have some rust spots so you have to put foil over them… and the blender that leaks… etc etc etc.

And… as the summer gets going, what’s right around the corner?

Dorm season!!

This is making me smile already.

Of all the times of year to be needing to replace some things… this is the greatest time. 🙂


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