My companion, Prince Charming

Like I posted previously..

Back in early October… before my birthday, when the Christmas stuff first came out at the grocery store, I was walking through the row, and got a nudge about a small plastic doll, a “little people” from fisher price… to get one of the male dolls in particular to hold as symbolically for a friend that I was doing a lot of praying for at that time.

Weird, but it worked well.

Roughly a month later, the same coworker left the company, and in missing him greatly I started bringing the little guy along with me to work at that job to hang out with me in the box of stuff on my desk. And it helped.

He tagged along in my pocket going back and forth with me, still also acting as a symbolic stand-in for prayer, for about 6 weeks or so… by which time the friend had weeks before become a boyfriend, and I was getting a lot of contact with him, and so the little doll started staying at home.

And gradually the little doll stopped being used much… just because he didn’t feel needed as much. He still stayed in my bedside dresser next to my critical daily meds and such… but he was mostly just hanging out.

So the past couple of days the guy has been out and in full force… and he still does very well in his job.

Today he came to work with me at the current job. There was actually a perfect little nook for him within my post-it notes.

It helps.

But that’s not all to the story of the doll.

In mid-January… more than 4 months after the doll had come to live with me, I was looking over the final reduction Christmas clearance at the store, and I found another of that particular set of two dolls in the pile of leftover stocking stuffers.

At the time I got him, I hadn’t paid any attention to the packaging… I was still sort of trying to figure out the nudge that had inspired his purchase.

I remember my daughter asking about the other doll still left in the package on my dresser at one point and not having a good answer as to why it was there… but I think I’d just thrown that one out. I didn’t care about the girl doll.

Well, as I looked at this still unopened package… I realized that the other doll had been supposed to be Cinderella.

But she wasn’t wearing blue, she was wearing white… and holding flowers… and it actually took a second before it clicked in my head that she was supposed to be a bride.


The guy doll?

It said that his name was Prince Charming.

Few things have ever made me laugh that hard by myself in a grocery store.

Given that I hadn’t been thinking in a romantic direction about the friend at the time that it was purchased… it hadn’t triggered anything at all at the time… it was just a palm-sized male doll with brown hair…. one of probably 10 different varieties in the packs.

So today little prince charming is hanging out with me to do some stand-in time for my big prince charming.

And I almost wonder if his purpose was more for my comfort during this time than the earlier spells that I had thought were his main event.


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