It’s spring, and my allergies have been crazy.

During the (first) crummy week, I was having to do nasal rinses twice a day just to breathe normally.

But it was getting a bit better… and pretty much stopped after all of the tears and snot had been forced out during the emotional crying.

But I started to feel dizzy… and so I was pretty sure my ears were being affected by the sinus issues. A lot of times when I get sinus infections, I also get an ear infection.

The dizziness got a lot worse… Wednesday of the next week I actually stayed home from work because the room was spinning as I tried to get ready to the point that I felt I was going to vomit.

So I upped the sinus meds, and added motion sick meds… because there was once a round in the winter when I go vertigo bad enough to be in the ER twice, and basically the IV meds they gave me were the same thing as the motion sick meds I could take at home… so it wasn’t worth going in.

Thursday was a bit better… though I still went home from work about an hour early to go lay down.

It stayed at about that level for several days…

And then that sunday, abruptly it stopped. It was still there driving home from church, but was gone by the time I’d dealt with some email immediately afterwards.

It was just a bit later when I realized… that the time in the winter that I’d had the vertigo…. was the day after one of the other two times that I’ve had my heart seriously broken and aching.

The email I’d been dealing with when the dizziness went away… had resolved some of the issues with the aching and had brought me a bit of peace.

I know that my stomach is really sensitive to pain… particularly physical pain but also emotional pain when it reaches a certain level.

I eat more when stressed or mildly upset… but when I’m in pain, I don’t feel like eating much of anything, if I can even keep anything down.

But I guess now I know that my sense of balance is also sensitive to heartbreak of a certain severity.

Actually seems sort of appropriate.


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