But moving on…

But, faced with being stuck here…. I might as well do what I can to make it as livable as possible.

And so, I’ve decided that it’s time to dedicate the time, the effort, and the expense that i’ve been reluctant to do previously given the situation.

Financially, my expenses were going to be increased by about $350 a month if I moved… so I figure that allocating that amount for a couple of months still leaves me even in the end if it makes staying more tolerable.

So I found myself reluctantly determined…. and started looking at gathering supplies… figuring that if I put out the financial effort at the start, I’m more likely to follow through with the time and physical effort to completion.

So I’m freshly determined… and let’s face it, after the trauma with Prince Charming, I needed a project to throw myself into.

And suddenly… there’s an ad. The really expensive paint with primer in it that I needed to cover the bright colors in here after doing the wall work was on sale for buy one, get one free for the weekend.

This stuff is never on sale more than about $5 off… and I needed 4 gallons of it (plus possibly Boo’s room because she wants to change colors if I’m painting everywhere else). As it happened, their limit was 2 sets, giving me 4 gallons.

It’s always nice to have encouragement in a new and reluctant decision by seemingly random factors.

But then, while I was standing in the flooring section getting supplies to reseal the floor… an employee walks up to me.

I’d been needing one of my tape measures to measure the bathroom floor for covering, and the heating vents to replace the rusted and nonfunctional ones…. but both of mine were in the boxes that had been packed for moving, so I needed to dig one out.

The lady handed me a flyer for a new line of paint…. and a tape measure with a paint company name on it.

The tape measure ended up being just two inches longer than the longest area that I needed to measure.

And then, I go to get the bug stuff…. knowing that I’m going to be dumping a huge amount of money into this part of things planning to deploy the vast majority all at once all over the house as heavily as practical.

And every one of the packages has a bright green coupon on it… making it about 1/3rd off the price I’d expected to pay. Still a fortune… but at least less of one.

Then, for one item I needed, Home Depot no longer carried it… so I decided to go to a huge store that I’ve never been to, but that said online that they did carry it… and to try and get the other items there too instead of making another trip across town. Even though I prefer home depot because the website will tell me exact row and shelf location for every item.

So I have no clue where anything is at this store… and it’s a giant store.

But we end up having gone in the right set of doors… walking straight to the right section…. pick a row in that section to start searching and find that it was the right row out of about 8 possibilities… and as I go to start looking for the other items, I find that one of them I had literally walked past in a display in the main aisle…. another was on the end facing the aisle…. and yet another was only about 4 feet from that aisle so that I could see it before I went down the row.

I’d expected the trip to take more than an hour to track things down… and we were out in 15 minutes.

And then we came to the bathroom cabinet needing replaced. I’d priced them before at about $70 in the store. But I look online, and see one for $38.

I go to the store, as it showed in stock, but didn’t see anything lower than the one for 70. An employee asked me if I needed help… I mentioned it… and he informs me that the cheaper one is the one that includes the sink.

Ok…. I don’t get the logic at all… but yeah, I suppose I can replace my sink too for getting 30 bucks off. lol

So I’m still not happy with not moving. At all.

Nor am I really looking forward to the amount of work ahead.

But at least the sun is shining on the decision.

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