Physical pain for emotional pain

So, I’ve mentioned my giant project with the house.

I’m done with the living room.

You walk in, and it looks like a completely different place. Everything cleared out, walls repaired and repainted, ceiling fan replaced, floor scrubbed and treated and stained and sealed, windows fixed…

And my ankle is absolutely killing me. Has been all week.

I know that I’m overdoing it.

I know that I’ve needed to just rest for a few days… when I was painting I was needing to take breaks to sit down about every 10 minutes.

But I can’t.

The pushing forward on the project is the only thing making me feel better right now.

Sitting and trying to do something else…. catch up on reading…. work on my blanket or the baby blankets I need to finish… watching a movie… it all hurts so much worse right now emotionally.

Sitting and waiting during my daughter’s hour and a half long volleyball practice last night had me leaving once in tears… and losing the fight again on the drive home.

I had my crochet and kindle with me… I tried to distract myself… it just didn’t work.

My ankle really hurts. Even with meds, I’m still seriously limping again.

But my heart still hurts much worse.

And the bathroom projects await…

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