Catholic aliens

Not too far back, I went into the story of the baptist church and their refusal to baptize me as a teen… mainly claiming the reason was because my parents weren’t members so it created liability.

Recently, the pope actually directly addressed this sort of thing in the catholic church… saying that the children should be allowed to be baptized even if their parents were living together outside of marriage, etc.

Even this would have made me feel a bit better… though its not like baptists follow advice from the pope, at least it validates the answer was not the biblical response. Yes, I already knew that, but it just makes it feel better to have someone on a very high level confirm.

But he went further… declaring that even if martians came in a spaceship, they should be allowed to be baptized.

I can’t get from my mind the mental image of imagining the poor baptist church dealing with that one. They thought my riffraff was bad…. 🙂

But while silly… I love the image that projects of God’s love being open to everyone.

Forget letting the little children come to him… even the aliens are ok with this party.

I may not be catholic… but I like this pope.


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