Companionship longing

Today, I’m feeling lonely.

There are several people I could call…. I could have my daughter come help me down here instead of hanging out with grandma…

But I don’t want them.

I just want Prince Charming.

I’m not in one of the spells where I just want to cling to him and cry, frequent as those are, I don’t need to talk with him, I don’t need help with anything….

I just want him here… his presense… his companionship.

He doesn’t need to do anything, or even be paying attention to me… he could be working on things for work or watching a baseball game or playing on the computer….

I just long to have him here…. to have him with me.

I don’t feel very good today physically… still have a bunch of things that I want/need to get done.. I just want his companionship today.

I realize that he’s actually at work today, or supposed to be if he isn’t… and this wouldn’t be an option to me today even if we were together.

But that’s just what I’m feeling right now.


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