Got to be more…

More and more, I have this feeling that there has got to be something more to this situation…. something else going on.

There just has to be.

Within a 2 week period, we went from talking about what things would be like when we were living together, and discussing long term things….

To all of the sudden, getting comments like “I don’t think a heavy relationship is good for me right now”. All of the sudden, this unresolved heart issue comes into the picture.
All of the sudden, we got from talking serious future…. to not even being worth the effort to try and work through smaller issues before just completely giving up and ending things.

That just isn’t normal progression.

Something happened… something scared him…

There has to be something that I don’t know about during that two week period to cause such a major dramatic change to happen that abruptly.

But I don’t know what.

And I don’t know how to get him to let me into his head to tell me what to be able to address it.

There’s so many different things that it could be. Did he just get spooked by the discussions getting serious, even though he was the one pushing them forward? Did something happen with his sons? Or with the new job? Or with the ex?

I’ve wondered if my poor approach in confronting him caused it…. but then, the issue already existed before that… so while it didn’t help, it’s not the main cause.

My family drama is one of the few things he has mentioned as a problem being addressed… but that has existed since long before then.

There is something that caused the heart issue to suddenly come up. There is something that caused the small issues to suddenly not be worth the effort to try managing before just writing it off as over.

It just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

But knowing that doesn’t help me any if I still have no clue what it is to address it.


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