Wagon trails

When Boo was just a baby, still crawling, we got a red metal wagon.

That’s been more than a decade ago…. and the wagon has mostly been outdoors, and so it is rusty, beaten up, handle is slightly bent, and it squeaks a lot.

It’s not something you would put a kid in anymore, but it works well for hauling trash and bags of mulch and other large heavy items around.

The wagon was sitting next to my porch, with a large contractor sized bag of trash in it… empty paint cans, broken mirrors, all sorts of just random trash in it. Right beside it was a kitchen sized trash bag with mostly kitchen trash.

And when I came home from work, only the kitchen trash remained.

The wagon was missing.

I couldn’t have imagined anyone else wanting it, let alone stealing it.

The theory is maybe someone took it for scrap metal.

But why would you also take the very heavy trash bag??

And, if you were taking it because you didn’t like trash sitting around, why would you not take the other trash bag? (I’d put it in the wagon pretty late at night, with plans to take it to the dumpster in the morning, but it had rained overnight and both bags were soaking wet… so I’d decided to wait.)

People make no sense to me sometimes.

Why in the world would you steal a piece of junk wagon and giant bag of non-valuable trash?

Boo was trying to track the wheel prints through the yard and some dirt on the sidewalks… ready to play tracker and hunt it down.

That’s ok though.

I found another, less rusty but otherwise identical wagon on craigslist for $10. I win. 😛


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