Visionsin color

I’m starting to discover that I am horrible at looking at a small card with a color on it, and predicting what that is going to look like on a wall.

Last round:

Living room:
Card looked like a pale tan
Actual color was a medium brownish-orange with yellowy tones I didn’t like.

My room:
Card was a deep dark turquoise… sort of a variation of navy Actual color…. the word I would use is “neon”

Boo’s room:
A nice soft, bubble gum pink… that softest pink on the card. Actual… well… it matches the tone of my room. Pretty much hot pink.


This round…. completely different store.

Living room / hall / part of bathroom:
Again, I was looking for a pale tan… this time went light as could go, with one that looked like it had a little bit of an olive greenish tone to it instead of the ones I could see giving me the yellowy again.
Actual… well, it’s white.
Except when the light hits it just right, usually in the bathroom, and then, to me it looks slightly greenish, to boo it looks slightly blue. No tan to be found.

My room:
Again, I wanted turquoise… but I’d had enough of the neon to not go for the dark one either. Instead, I was looking for a nice medium shade…. about halfway between neon and white.
Actual… is very pale. We’re talking halfway between seafoam green and robins egg blue.

I haven’t tried Boo’s room yet.

Who knows what surprise color awaits… lol


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