Who will come?

I can trust my Prince Charming to be gentle with my heart.

My Prince Charming loves me and shows it in his actions.

He’s reasonable and logical, capable of admitting when he’s wrong.

He’s sensitive to feeling like he’s failed people and sometimes gets derailed by emotions related to that, but my Prince Charming is responsible and does what he knows is right even when emotions are high.

I feel completely safe with my Prince Charming, and have no fear of harm coming to me while with him, from him or from elsewhere while under his watch.

But I don’t know who the Prince Charming that I talked to on the phone was.

He wasn’t MY Prince Charming.

I’ve never met him before, or even heard hints of him.

Sounded a bit like him if you didn’t listen to the content of the words, and he called from my Prince Charming’s phone, but that’s completely not my Prince Charming.

This Prince Charming may sound and looks like mine, but he’s not like mine at all. Mine is never late, he keeps me updated when plans change, where this one just didn’t seem to remember me.

My Prince Charming loved getting my messages, told me that my emails made him feel closer to me and that the texts I sent him every morning telling him I loved him and wishing him a good day made his days go so much better and the positive vibes rubbed off…. where this one didn’t even bother to reply, or even read some of them I think.

My Prince Charming speaks of long term plans of being in each other’s lives, where this one doesn’t have an hour to spare of his life for me.

This Prince Charming places no value on me or our relationship…. but my Prince Charming has told me that other than his sons, I’m the most important person in the world to him, and has always treated me that way.

This Prince Charming says that my Prince Charming doesn’t love me, can’t love me, is madly in love with someone else… but I don’t really believe him. It still massively hurts when he says it though, and scares me that he could be right…. even when I do know better.

I’m nervous and scared about this meeting.

And it’s because I don’t know which Prince Charming is going to show up.

I want nothing more than to talk with my Prince Charming, and know all will be well in his hands.

But I strongly fear that this Prince Charming is going to show up instead, uninvited, and further crush my heart that already feels like it died.

I can’t take the hurt from this Prince Charming.

But if he shows up, I don’t know how to get him to go away and give me my Prince Charming back.

Because I miss my Prince Charming so very much that it feels like life can’t go on without him.


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