Creeping anger

Every now and then, anger has started to creep in.

It’s by far not the main emotion right now.. hopefully it never will be… but it’s starting to be there.

Just enough to be noticed.

Just enough to be a bit mad at him about one particular aspect or another of how things happened.

It’s a change of scenery anyway… but it worries me a bit with the meeting coming up.

I want to be calm and run by logic and not emotional anyway… but if I have to be run by emotion, I really don’t that emotion to be anger.

But, then, if this goes as awful as I fear, maybe some anger will do me good to keep me a bit less sucked into the pit of despair.

Anger has never really been a common emotion for me. Only certain people can jump straight to making me mad. Usually, you have to go through an extended spell of frustrated, annoyed, and/or hurt first… and only after that has reached it’s limit does it go into anger.

So it’s a bit of less familiar ground to me… but with the way things have been, at least its somewhere new.


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