The time of Ok

This week has been a kind of weird week. Today even more so as it brought some weird news that threw me off a bit.

But tonight… something happens that I felt like needed documented.

For about half an hour, I was happy.

Like real happy.

That is the first time that I think I can say that other than the two incredibly brief spells of relationship hope.

But even those were tinged with unease…. knowing that it was likely to still be a rough road ahead… both times that feeling proved to be very much justified much more that the happy had been.

This didn’t have that. And it wasn’t connected at all to Prince Charming or any actions from his side… he’s pushing away more than ever.

I’ve had waves of hope… I do get waves where I feel like I can do this and eventually there will be some sort of a new version ok.

But for a while tonight… everything was unexpectedly ok, now.

I know it probably has a lot to do with getting into deeper work on a topic that has me understanding what’s going on more…. and some other changes… but that’s another post for another time. Probably two different posts, if not more.

But tonight… for a while, things were ok again…. when very recently I’ve said that I felt like they never would be again.

And that feels like such a relief…. because if it happened, it can happen again.

Adding some happy waves into my life would be a very nice change đŸ™‚

The storm may not be over yet… or seeming like it will be soon… but some breaks in the clouds could make things much more bearable.


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