The dating coach

So, obviously, I’m in a very very different place than I was a week ago.

At one point last week, I bought a book… a book by a dating coach. Yes, one of those books… I was hurting and desperate. lol

The topic of this book was getting wayward men to return. And yes, it was mostly filled with how to mess with a man’s head in your favor… instructions for playing the game.

I read the book, still not too sure about it… and at the end, was the author’s email address, and an offer that he would choose a few per week to reply with personal assistance.

I wrote to him. Yes, I actually wrote to him.

I told him nothing of Prince Charming’s personal stuff… but I told him what has gone on with us over the past 11 weeks… including the 48 hour change of heart… and the friend-date followed by completely ignoring me.

I asked him if his strategy would still work when things had developed this far… and if he would make any changes to it based on Prince Charming being in a phase of not wanting contact.

I got an email back this morning.

Actually, two of them.

The first one… point blank told me that this guy is completely messed up, probably incapable of love for anyone right now… that I might get him back with it and he understands my loving him but that I really don’t want him back.. might end up needing a restraining order if I changed my mind later.. and reccommended I read one of his other books about finding quality men.

The second email…. was a free gift from him through amazon of one of his other books about not losing power to men in relationships.

I laughed. Hard.

Ya know… I’ve had a ton of people in my life say the same thing… even the social worker who works with one of the messes that Prince Charming is dealing with.

But when the dating coach…. who wrote a whole book about getting men back that said that generally 90% of men will return…. tells you to keep your distance…. even when he doesn’t know the whole of the mess….

Somehow, that just sort of takes things to a whole new level. LOL

That may well be the classic “you know your relationship ended with a mess when…” trump card.

What can you do but laugh at that point?

Ya know… I do love Prince Charming… and loved our relationship…. but the last 11 weeks has had more mess to it from both of our sides than every other relationship in my life combined.

I’m just glad I’m on my feet again and able to just laugh my butt off at the reply….. because I don’t know how I would have taken it earlier in the process, but I’m pretty sure it would have involved agony and tears.


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