When prayers turn hard

This week has been interesting in more ways than I can explain… some positive, some not so much.

But one of the interesting things that started early in the week… is that I’ve had trouble praying for Prince Charming.

I know why… a change that happened that I’m not comfortable mentioning here…. that just sort of changed things.

But it feels so very weird.

This is a man that I’ve prayed for since before we were even friends.

I can remember praying for him after an really minor physical accident he’d had at work early on when I’d teased him a bit and then realized by his response that he was very much upset about it.

This past year, he’s easily gotten more prayer time than anything else… and the past few months, probably more than everything else combined.

And I know that he’s in a spell of his life where he really needs the prayer coverage.

But, it’s just not coming naturally right now.

I can kind of go on for a bit mentally…. but the flow and stream of things just never takes over…. it’s just not normal right now.

Which is bothering me a lot more than I’m really admitting.

But I’m not really sure if I should take this as just a sign of the bonds between us finally releasing….. or just as a weird quirk related to the change.

It’s just weird. And just feels off.

And I’m not quite sure what to do about it… or how to take it.


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