My weird new world

Life is so weird right now.

It just is. In so many different areas.

Some things are sorting themselves out, while other things move further into chaos.

Some things are suddenly making sense, while others go further into completely illogical territory.

Some decisions I’m making that I never thought I’d make… prayers I never thought I’d pray…

While other situations are suddenly opening up out of nowhere…. things that had been closed for a decade.

I have my feet fairly steady under me now…. but I’m definitely walking ground that is very unfamiliar to me…. and not real sure of my balance right now.

The world is just weird right now.

I like my world nice and routine and familiar…. but this isn’t that world. And whether I like it or not, that world will not be back.

This is the way things are now.

This is the new lay of the land.

It’s very different.

I’m not all that sure about it just yet… but I know it’s for the better, and even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t change anything anyway.

But it’s just all taking quite a bit of getting used to.

I know that I will…. and I know that it won’t be long until I couldn’t imagine wanting to go back to the old world.

But it’s all just a bit unsteady right now…. while I get the grass stomped down on the new paths that will soon be familiar and frequent.. find the places that will be my new favorite nooks… figure out what works best here and what doesn’t.

I miss "home". The old and comfortable and familiar…

But I’ve had my tears. They change nothing.

The "moving" process is done. The big things are all arranged.

Now it’s the time of making somewhere strange and unfamiliar into home.

And wondering where my toothbrush is.


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