Babies and messes

A friend/coworker of mine who started dating her current bf right at 2 months before Prince Charming and I started dating…. had her baby this week (almost a month early).

Do you know how completely weird that feels?

He’s a guy she wasn’t all that serious about…met in a bar.. the bad boy biker type… the type that had a keg party for a diaper shower.

And yet, they’ve settled down, gotten stable… he’s able to support her while shes off on maternity leave.. they have been living together and things seem to be going swimmingly in spite of the reluctant start.

Meanwhile… I went for the guy that I was serious about, with long term intentions… went for the guy who seemed like he was in it for the long term too… the guy who knew what he wanted and was working towards it even if he got down on himself for not having gotten there yet… the one who was responsible and seemed to have his act together on being an adult.

And my sane, smart, responsible guy turned into a complete mess… while her complete mess turned into a dad who seems to have his act together now.

How is it that the party types can even manage this relationship thing smoothly… while it seems like such a mess trying to make life work to the more responsible types…. who you’d think would have the better odds?

Logic seems like it ought to give some sort of an advantage towards the couples who are doing their best to be responsible adults…. but somehow, it seems like the ones who seem least likely somehow manage to keep relationships going even in spite of irresponsibility and poor behavior on both sides.

How does that work?!?


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