Is love an obligation?

Is love an obligation?

It’s sort of an interesting question.

It wasn’t the original question. The original question was “Does loving someone require you to act from that love?”

Technically, no. It doesn’t require it. You can still choose to be a self-centered jerk to your spouse.

But, theoretically, you should choose not to. So it doesn’t require it, but it expects it.

But that is working from the standpoint of a commitment, and of a returned love. How much does that matter?

The latter shouldn’t matter at all. Actions coming from love shouldn’t be contingent on the actions of another person. They should be freely given, not with an expectation of a return.

But what about the commitment element? How much does the expectation to act out of love still apply when there is no certain commitment to loving this person?

Does love itself create a commitment when there isn’t an otherwise created one?

It seems like it should.

But getting into the land of “should” opens all sorts of
complications…. there are a lot of things that seem like they should be, but aren’t, and never will be, and were never meant to be.

Life should be fair, hard work should be rewarded, people should be kind to each other… on and on. But life wasn’t meant to be fair. People were meant to be able to choose their own actions and show their true colors, which means that some will choose to be cruel. And unfortunately, the way life is seems to frequently reward poor character and taking the easy way out more than it rewards virtues like hard work.

So “should” doesn’t always mean it does.

How much does love itself… outside of any commitment or
expectation… create an obligation to act from that love?

Does love itself create an obligation?

These are some of the questions running through my mind right now.


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