So… lol

Last week, I let myself be talked into setting up online dating profiles again.

I also decided to take ice skating classes, and join a health group, so it wasn’t actually the weirdest decision for the week… let’s just say it was an odd week for decisions.

So, the point of this, supposedly, was to get talking to people more than towards looking for a relationship. To start thinking towards the possibilities.

All 3 of them list whatever the lowest level of “looking for” was… whether that was “new friends” or “dating but nothing serious” on one site… and the profile info makes it clear that I’m just getting feet back into the water… that ought to scare off anyone looking towards serious things right now, if the bad webcam selfie profile pic doesn’t.

I’ve quickly discovered the problem with this approach.

While it was needed to be honest and upfront… the decent guys, the ones I’d actually want to be talking to, aren’t the type of guys who are looking in those categories.

The guys with respect and character are the type looking for serious relationships.

The guys who are looking for “just friends” girls… are, well, mostly the lowlifes… looking for hookups more than friends.

The ones who can’t even bother to put more than “I dunno just wanna meet someone” as their profile. The ones who send an introduction message as just “hey” or worse… just “wanna get together?”

These aren’t the guys who are going to get me thinking of life moving on… who are going to draw my interest…. who are going to refocus my heart. Those guys want serious relationships… or put “looking for marriage”.

I don’t want to imply that my intentions are where they aren’t.

But I’m thinking that until they are there, this is going to be a pointless thing because of that factor, if it wouldn’t have been in general even otherwise.

But, when I popped in last night… I got the best message from someone.

He actually used a full sentence! This is actually I think a first from the messages that I’ve gotten.

And, he actually lives in the area, not near the larger city about 2 hours away that I’ve strangely gotten quite a few messages from guys who live near there.

What did he say?

“Hi, you are so pretty! I’m 28. If we were to meet and become really good friends, would you be willing to have children with me?”

It gave me a really good laugh anyway!

I really hope he didn’t mean that like it sounds… which is that he’s just looking for a friends with benefits willing to have a child with him.

I hope for his sake that he was really just trying to ask if I’m open to having children in the future… because I have it set to “not sure”, as I’m not really looking for having more, but could be open to doing so if a future husband really particularly wanted one…

But…. with the messages that I’ve been getting…. I can’t say that I’m all too sure that he didn’t mean it just as it says.

I think the fact that I can’t convincingly say that, probably means that it’s time to officially call this a fail.


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